It is of the utmost importance to us that any wrongdoing within our organization comes to the surface. Cases can be reported both externally and internally by, for example, employees, former employees, suppliers, customers or other stakeholders.

Here's how it works.

Here you can safely and anonymously report company and / or work-related misconduct. Anyone who reports is protected by the Act (2021:890) on the protection of persons who report misconduct. By law, we may not prevent anyone from reporting company- or work-related misconduct or retaliating against them or anyone with a connection to them or, for example, a company or a person with a connection to them. The person reporting a whistleblowing case cannot be held liable if they breached their duty of confidentiality in the reporting, provided that they had reasonable grounds to believe that the reporting of the information was necessary to reveal the reported misconduct. A case can also be reported orally. This is easiest to do by requesting a physical meeting when you create your case. If a physical meeting is desired, it is important to provide contact details.


You will receive a confirmation that the report is received within seven days.

PIN code

You will be able to take part in the confirmation and answers during the handling via a pin code that you receive on the confirmation page. You need to save this PIN code to be able to follow your case and answer any questions. If you lose this PIN code, you can no longer follow the case and in this case, you can submit a new case and refer to the previous one.

Personal data

Your case will be saved for as long as it is necessary for the handling, but no longer than 2 years. Reported case, any personal information you provide, and correspondence are always stored encrypted. Your safety is of utmost importance to everyone involved.

The law as a whole. Above is a brief summary of the law in order to be able to safely report company or work-related misconduct. If you want to read the law in its entirety, please visit the following link Law (2021:890) on protection for people who report misconduct

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